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28.12.2022, Happy Christmas!

Through the Christmas days I have decided to update my site a little bit. Let us see if it will be alive again 😀

08.12.2016, My very first book will be written soon!

Today I have stared a dream of mine who have grown a whole year. At last I have beaten the fear to create a fund raising campaign for releasing the book which I think on recently - Web Site Building for non-professionals...

24.08.2014, Our first online shop

Today our first online shop came to this world. Purple elephant is a result fromk the work of my wife Yana and our framework, whcich is becomming better and better.

10.11.2013, The Golh has new proud owner

This week I was surprised by two bids for the Golf by two lowers of the holly model. The one of them managed to win it and now our car is happy with its new young owner. I wish them both nice living and lots og nice moments together.

05.07.2013, Garden of life and its web site

My wife rises her speed. She and her friends opened an unparalleled centre - Garden of life! More...

24.02.2013, New site for the new year

My wife's dream became with "flash". Her site "Fairy Knot" came to this world the last weekend. Wish all the success -! More...

12.10.2012, At last the Golf has a brand new steer rack!

Finally I managed to change it. Now the car is more secure and strong. The front is in perfect condition and the selling price stays unchanged!

06.10.2012, Good return from DevReach!

After two loaded days of planty of knowledge, I have returned to Varna with big impressions from the conference. Thanks to the organisers and to the employer who payed the trip and the fee. Още...

27.09.2012, News feed, Face feed!

TodayI have decided to have rest after work. I have developed RSS generator for the news in my dearest sity. You can access it here. I have also implanted FaceBook feed. For now it is only in the Golf advertisment.

25.06.2012, A very good beginning!

My wife officially has opened her future business' site. Congratulations for Info-b-tech - Informational brocerage and information services!

11.06.2012, Partner with the mines - what better!

Today I have become an affiliate of my employer. If you wish to see what is all about, you can see the abilities for claiming back your taxes taken abroad here ».

01.06.2012, Nice May, nice Friday!

One of the most wonderful Mays in my life! Bozhidar have become 4, I - 32, I have been promoted and the workweek has over... Just great!

10.05.2012, Getting older...

Today I accidently have realised that I am officially "older". The definition "junior" went in to the history and now I am just... well I do not have a definition :)

25.04.2012, From the ash

There was a company in the past called which I used to apply for a job. I have made a huge site for them when accidently they dissapeared! Now they are back so I have written a mail to them.

Wish me luck! And if something happens to me...


We have oficially released the mobile version of my site. Step by step I am developing
The mobile version of Anton Mitsev`s site can be seen here »
I have a feeling that if you have entered with a mobile device you should see the new version ;)


I sell my car for €1675. If someone wants plug & play car, please call ;) In my opinion you could have a wonderful car only for €200 investment in that vechicle!
Look all the info here »


I have made a profile in the E-Lance freelancer portal. You can check the profile here ». But that is not all at all! I have made a portfolio of my works (OK, have started ;)) here »


Now I have a Linked IN profile. It is one interesting place in my opinion. I actually wonder how I have not seen it until now :))
You can look at my profile here »


The middle of the month has passed but no one laughed at me in the Face :) So people love me :))